twenty twenty

This year is going to be different,” says me every single year.

And every single year, I do the same things that I wished to change the previous year. It’s not just me though, it’s most of the people around me as well who go through this, but why is that so? When you’re so sure that this year it’s going to be different, what goes wrong? 

I understand that it’s February as you read this post, but I felt like I needed to say something about it when I was in the right state of mind for it. I feel like we all have these high expectations from ourselves from the beginning of the year and are trying to tackle them all at once by putting pressure on ourselves. That would include things like: drinking more water, having enough sleep, being engaged in physical activities like hitting the gym, using less social media, reading more, etc. Even though all of these ideas sound really great and undoubtedly ideal in a person’s life, it’s hard to do them all at once. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t plan these things because it’s going to be impossible to achieve, but achieving it one step at a step is the point that people, including me, have been missing every single time. 

For January, my main focal point was towards my studies and making sure that I get the grades that I wanted. It was the month of finals, and I hustled until the very end. It was tough, and I had no time for myself. My mental health had gone to crap, and I started to stress about everything. However, I ignored it until the very end of January. I finally had a week off from school, which I took advantage of and tried to recover by spending time with people who make me a better me and activities that motivate me to do better. I think that it’s now safe to say that I can now move towards the next chapter of this year, which brings me to February. This month, I wanted to focus more on my health, which includes things like having a diet plan and trying to get enough sleep (since I wasn’t getting any due to all the workload from last month). 

Doing one thing at a time. That is what I am trying to do this year. If you ask me what my goal for the year is, it would be that. One step at a time, pursuing one specific genre of what I want to improve on, slowly. To be able to track my progress, I decided to get into journaling. Journaling is something that I had tried to do a couple of years ago but never really worked out for me. Ever since then, I never thought about it until this year. Knowing that I wanted to do different things every month, I thought that getting back into journaling would be a great way to track my progress and, at the same time, do it with freedom. Let me say this: I do not regret it one bit. I never knew I’d love journaling until I had started it. I’m able to design it the way I want it, the way it can be useful to me, and enjoy designing it too. I’m still entirely new to it, and I’m also not a great artist, but in my opinion, creating something that is yours, only yours, is a beautiful thing to have for yourself. I’m still exploring the world of journaling, and I know that every month, I am going to learn something new from it.

I know I haven’t been as active as I wish to be but I really hope that I can change that this year and create a space for us to learn more from each other. So tell me, what are you guys up to lately? What are some new goals you are trying to achieve? Let me know in the comments! Other than that, I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday.

With all the love and beyond,


  1. Absolutely love the posts and the whole vibe of your blog. What you said really makes sense to me, doing one thing at a time, I’m definitely gonna implement that in my life 🙂

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