growth is a process

“You do not just wake up become a  butterfly, growth is a process.”

rupi kaur

Sometimes, the hardest steps you have to take is what’ll allow you to find freedom for yourself. From time to time, there are things we come across; a feeling, a person, a phase in your life, a decision you need to take, and at times, it could even be yourself. You can’t escape from these things, it’s part of growing and learning, and you’ll continue to face these challenges over and over again – it’s just part of life, it won’t stop. The question is, how are you willing to go about it?

“It’s okay to outgrow from those who prevent you from growing.”

I think the hardest challenge that we face is letting go. How do we let go of something we are unwilling to let go of? At times, you know that that particular thing isn’t good for you anymore, that it brings more negative energy into your life than positive energy. We may be aware of it for the longest time but the unwillingness of letting go stops you from making decisions and moving forward with your life. For a while now, I’ve been meditating upon this thought and when I think about it, I feel like it’s important to understand the difference between being patient and wasting your time. If you think that there’s something that does not really bring out the best in you and you think that it’s necessary for you to end that chapter, then just go for it. Waiting endlessly is just going to put you through more pain so get it out of your chest, done and done. I know that it’s way easier said than done, but trust me, in the end, you’ll thank yourself for being able to trust your own decisions and the process of healing, of growing, of learning, is going to unravel a better version of yourself.

“Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.”

It’s important to realize that you can miss something and not want it back. That’s something that took me loads of time to process. I thought letting go meant forgetting. I’m sure you have heard of that quote that says “forgive but never forget” which is basically the same concept applied to what I’m trying to say here.I believe that it’s okay to miss something, because we are humans. Of course we feel, we want things and people, and that unwillingness to let go will come to and fro every once in a while. 

The reason why I’m writing this blog post is because it’s been something that I’ve been going through and it’s been quite a journey filled with joy, freedom, independence, changes, but it also comes with a burden of things that I haven’t been accustomed to, like  sadness, doubt, uncertainty. It’s taking me a while to construct this post together, owing to the fact that the process of growth comes with a lot of different emotions, like a package. I feel like right now, I’m at this stage of unpacking this package.

There’s this book that I’m currently reading which is called Sacred Powers by David Ji where he basically takes you through the process of transformation from within you and I can safely say that it’s been voyage. I had borrowed it from the library for probably over a month and I never really had the heart to read it until I started to understand that what I needed was some kind of “transformation” if you will. I must say, kismet has a way of playing in its own way, at the right time. I’m still currently reading it but so far, I’m loving it. So if you’re in the same position as me, I think you should give this book a try. 

In conclusion, the message that I want to get across is this: Trust yourself because you know yourself more than you think you do and if you’re frightened about what comes next, don’t be. Learn how to embrace the uncertainty. Allow it to lead you to places. Be brave as it challenges you to exercise both your heart and mind as you create a path towards happiness; don’t waste time with regret. And remember, growth is a process so don’t rush it. Let it take you where it wants and don’t dwell on any negative energy, for it’ll transform you into light.

With all the love and beyond,


“When you are lonely, you have only one dimension—craving another person or thing outside yourself to make you happy. When you are alone, you are multidimensional, with the source of all happiness flowing from within.” 

david ji

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